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 Web Development Associates (WDA), specializes in creating websites for individuals, businesses, and organizations.

We will work with you to define your requirements, suggest creative alternatives, and develop a product using the most current state of the art technologies. And best of all, with themed templates, we can produce websites in a matter of hours – not weeks.

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Here are some types of websites we can create for you:

PERSONAL WEB SITE (BLOG):     Your site will enable you to post information, photos, etc, and enable other people to post to your website as well. We can link to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.?  You’ll be able to track how many people visited your site, how many likes, etc. If you want visitors to register on your site, we’ll provide that functionality as well as you being able to email them with your exciting messages. You”ll be able to select from hundreds of themes to get just the one that will reflect the image you wish to present. For this basic functionality see our Pricing Plans.  For additional features and functionality Let us Prepare a Quote for you...

Clubs or Organizational Websites:  Holding an event for your club or organization? A golf outing? a 5K walk? A trip to somewhere? Some social event(s)?  Workshops? Classes?  How about planning out an entire year’s events and be able to capture registrations at any time? Want participants to pay online?  We can create a website for your organization or club that will do all that and more . Just have everyone go to the website to sign up. No more hundreds of forms, flyers, handouts, etc.  All of this can be yours in a matter of a few hours.  For this basic functionality see our Pricing Plans.  For additional features and functionality Let us Prepare a Quote for you...  Click Here to see our sample Events Website..

Small Business Websites:   Want a web presence to advertise your business, sell your products, run special deals, etc. We will do this in a matter of a few hours.  We use WordPress or ecommerce themes that save many hours of coding and provide professional  functionality and capabilities. You can select the themes and styles you desire. We can build as much or as little as you need. Whether your site is for information only, or if you plan to sell products on your site, we can handle it all.  Let us Prepare a Quote for you...  Click Here to see our sample online store…

Fundraisers:  Need to create a website to raise funds for a charity or an organization? We can build your website that will accept donations and provide a receipt to your donors, and a subscriber list with reporting features for your administration. This site will accept donations which will be automatically applied to your account. Your site will convey the message you want your visitors to see along with photographs and any other descriptive information you desire.  Let us Prepare a Quote for you...

Medium to Large Businesses: You can be selling your products online in a relatively short amount of time. We can provide a fully functional ecommerce website – complete with shopping cart and inventory functionality quickly. You may even wish to earn additional revenue from your site through affiliate advertising. Project your company to the world through the web. Our project management experiences, coupled with our technological know-how, can provide you with a world-class website at very minimal cost.    Let us Prepare a Quote for you...  Click Here to see our sample online store…

WebMaster Services Program

If your business currently has a web presence that requires periodic changes, new functionality, SEO enhancements (for search engines), or just plain normal maintenance requirements, then take advantage of our WebMaster Services Program. You can call us  with whatever modifications you wish to make and we’ll be there for you. We will maintain your web site(s) and be your central point of contact for all your web requirements.   Let us Prepare a Quote for you...



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